Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The 10th annual "Redhook Ride" of 2014 has come and gone. No blood, no broken bones, no hospital visits, no stories to carry on into the future. This was the Redhook that was really fun to start, but petered out and ended mellow, and without incident. Not surprisingly, I am really disappointed. Perhaps we are all getting older, maybe people are getting smarter about trying to survive the ride without medical intervention, maybe we are just getting lame. Whatever it is, the Redhook Ride is just not what it used to be. We still had a blast though! The ride out there was awesome with chants of "Smile! Smile! SMILE!" to every road biker that zipped by with a serious road racer look on their face. People rode at a leisurely cruiser pace which made for a more relaxed, social ride. I think most people were more drunk on the ride out than on the ride back (except for Marco.) Zanna had her bubble machine, Alex had his conch (which has to claim TBD this year, having come flying out of his basket twice to crash on the pavement), and everyone had their bells and horns to make a general ruckus as we passed by. It was a fun group of riders, and we had a good time. But it was not the Redhook of old. Sigh. That's the way it goes...

Here is a video of the event. Sorry, it's only a single camera so I did the best I could with the footage I had. Enjoy!
10th Annual Redhook Ride Video!