Thursday, May 22, 2014

The New Cruiser Bikes Information Source!

Greetings, cruiser bike riders! Welcome to the newest information dump for local cruiser bike rides in Seattle. This is the place to come for the what, when, and where of our favorite rides, such as "Loop the Lake", "Sloppy Lane", "The Redhook Ride",  and many others to come! Follow along, ride with us, decorate and light up your bike...but bring your med kit, and plan for a late night and missing work the next day (or the next 12 weeks), it can get pretty wild out there! Here's a taste from "Loop The Lake"...LET'S RIDE!


  1. The Burien chapter of bike cruisers of America hereby formally invites the Seattle chapter to a Loop the Lake (Burien) ride. If you and your motley crew are willing to travel to the South End, then a mutually suitable date will chosen for this historic event.
    DW of B-town

    1. Hell yeah! That sounds awesome. Just let us know the time and place, and we will make it happen!